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Paola A. Yanguas Parra

  • Paola A. Yanguas Parra
  • Contact and Consultation / Kontakt und Sprechstunde
  • Contact / Kontakt
  • Consultation / Sprechstunde
  • Teaching / Lehre
  • Research Focus / Forschungsschwerpunkte
  • Publications & Presentations / Veröffentlichungen & Vorträge
  • Curriculum Vitae

Contact and Consultation / Kontakt und Sprechstunde

Contact / Kontakt

Lupe [1]

Visiting address / Besucheradresse

Raum H 4142
(Hauptgebäude, Straße des 17. Juni 135)
(Campusplan [2]) (Wegbeschreibung [3])

Tel. +49-(0)30-314-78773
Fax +49-(0)30-314-26934
Email pp@wip.tu-berlin.de [4]

Postal address / Postanschrift

Technische Universität Berlin

Fachgebiet Wirtschafts- und
Infrastrukturpolitik (WIP), Sekretariat H 33,
z. Hd. Paola A. Yanguas Parra

Straße des 17. Juni 135
D-10623 Berlin

Consultation / Sprechstunde

Upon agreement by e-mail or telephone / Nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail oder Telefon.

Teaching / Lehre

Topics for papers and theses / Betreuungsthemen

I will advise students in the fields of my research focus. Please contact me for further details.

Research Focus / Forschungsschwerpunkte

Sectors / Sektoren

  • Climate and energy policy

Topics / Themen

    • Coal and energy transitions
    • Socio-economic aspects of climate and energy policies
    • Distributional implications of energy transition policies
    • International climate policy and politics

    Publications & Presentations / Veröffentlichungen & Vorträge

    Publications / Veröffentlichungen 

    Scientific Articles in Refereed Journals

    • Geiges, A., Yanguas-Parra, P. A, Andrijevic, M., Hare, W., Nauels, A., Pfleiderer, P., Schaeffer, M., and Schleussner, C.-F.: Incremental improvements of 2030 targets insufficient to achieve the Paris Agreement goals., Earth System Dynamics, doi.org/10.5194/esd-2019-54 [5], forthcoming [6].
    • Kuramochi, T./ Höhne, N./ Blok, K. / Schaeffer, M./ Cantzler, J./ Hare, W./ Deng, Y./ Sterl, S./ Hagemann, M./ Rocha, M./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Wong, L. (2017): Ten key short-term sectoral benchmarks to limit warming to 1.5°C, Climate Policy, DOI: 10.1080/14693062.2017.1397495 [7].

    Research studies, policy briefing and reports (selected)

    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A /Ganti, G./Fuentes Hutfilter, U./ Sferra, F./ Nauels, A., Hare, W./ Schaeffer, M. (2019): For climate's sake: coal-free by 2030: Rationale and timing of coal phase-out in Australia under the Paris Agreement. Download-Link [8].
    • Geiges, A./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A / Fyson, C./ Günther, A./ Hare, W./ Schaeffer, M./ Fuentes Hutfilter, U.(2019): How can Paris Agreement commitments be improved now to close the gap to 1.5°C.
    • Achakulwisut, P./ Kartha, S./ Lazarus, M. / Hare, W./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Schaeffer, M./ Schaeffer, R. (2019): The Production Gap: The discrepancy between countries’ planned fossil fuel production and global production levels consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C or 2°C. Chapters 2 and 4. Download-Link [9].
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A / Ganti, G./ Brecha, R./ Hare, W./ Schaeffer, M.(2019): Global and regional coal phase-out requirements of the Paris Agreement: Insights from the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C. Download-Link [10].
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Hare, W./ Fuentes Hutfilter, U./ Roming, N.(2019): Evaluating the significance of Australia’s global fossil fuel carbon footprint. Download-Link [11].
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Okubo, Y./ Roming, N./ Fuentes Hutfilter, U./ Sferra, F./ Schaeffer, M./ Hare, W. (2018): Science based coal phase-out timeline for Japan - Implications for policymakers and investors. Download-Link [12].
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Fuentes Hutfilter, U./ Roming, N./ Zimmer, A./ Sferra, F./ Aboumahboub, T./ Schaeffer, M./ Hare, W.(2018): Science Based Coal Phase-out Pathway For Germany in Line with the Paris Agreement 1.5°C Warming Limit: Opportunities and Benefits of an Accelerated Energy Transition. Download-Link [13].
    • Steckel, J. C./ Garg, A./ Burton, J./ Friedmann, J./ Jotzo, F./ Luderer, G./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Schaeffer, M. (2017): UNEP Emissions GAP Report 2017- Chapter 5. Download-Link [14].
    • Hare, B./ Ancygier, A./ De Marez, L./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A. (2017): Facilitating Global Transition: The Role of Nationally Determined Contributions in Meeting the Long-Term Temperature Goal of the Paris Agreement, NDC Partnership Publication. Download-Link [15].
    • Schaeffer, M./ Ancygier, A./ Hare, W./ Roaming , N./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Deryng, D./ Melkie, M./ Fyson, C. / Höhne, N./ Sterl, S./ Fekete, H./ Deng, Y./ Blok, K./ Petersdorff, C./ Hsu, A./Weinfurter, A./ Rosengarten, C (2017): 2020 The climate turning point. Download-Link [16].
    • Rocha, M./ Roming, N./ Yanguas-Parra, P. A./ Ancygier, A./ Sferra, F./ Ural, U./ Schaeffer, M./ Hare, W. (2017): A stress test for coal in Europe under the Paris Agreement - Scientific goalposts for a coordinated phase-out and divestment. Download-Link [17].

    Presentations / Vorträge (Selected)

    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (16/10/2019): Analytical approaches to regional transformation / Coal phase-out: alternatives and solutions. 6th Working Group Meetings of the Platform for Coal Regions in Transition [18], Brussels (Belgium).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (25/09/2019): How countries can improve their climate pledges and close the gap to 1.5°C. Climate Analytics event at New York Climate Week 2019 [19], New York City (USA).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (04/09/2019): Global outlook of the energy transition and the coal power sector. Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Energy Transition & Coal Phase-Out [20], Chungnam (South Korea).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (27/02/2019): Coal transitions scenarios in Japan. Symposium on a just coal transition in South Africa [21], Cape Town (South Africa).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (24/09/2018): Implications of natural gas extraction in Western Australia for achieving climate targets. 2nd Conference on Fossil Fuel Supply & Climate Policy [22]. (Video available - min 47). Oxford (UK).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (29/05/2018): Symposium on phase-out of coal power stations in Japan [23]. (video available) Tokyo (Japan).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (15/03/2018): Future Development of the Energy Sector in Romania and Balkan Region: coal phase-out and the Paris Agreement. REPOMs Energy Day [24]. Brasov (Rumania).
    • Yanguas-Parra, P. A (09/02/2017): A stress test for coal in Europe under the Paris Agreement [25]. Brussels (Belgium).

    Curriculum Vitae

    Since 2020/02
    Research Associate at the Workgroup for Economic and Infrastructure Policy (WIP), TU Berlin
    2018/04 - 2020/01
    Decarbonization Strategies Team Lead at Climate Analytics gGmbH, Berlin
    2016/07 - 2018/03
    Climate Policy Analyst at Climate Analytics gGmbH, Berlin
    2014/09 - 2016/06
    Master in Public Policy (MPP) at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
    2008/02 - 2013/02
    Bachelor of Economics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá
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